I want to thank WannaGetFast for helping me prepare for my 2015 season. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape that I ever have been since turning pro and I owe it all to these guys. Not only is it a top notch facility but the coaches that run the facility are great people. I've never seen the things that they do anywhere else and I've never seen results so fast. They gave me my confidence back and I can't thank them enough. I would definitely recommend any athlete trying to take their game to the next level to go to WannaGetFast.

Cito Culver (WGF Athlete)
Tampa Yankees Shortstop

My son Jake,  is one of the most highly recruited athletes to come out of New York State. I have spent many years training with him and I would never turn over his training to someone I did not have absolute confidence in. Jake has been training at WannaGetFast since 8th grade and I was amazed at how quickly his body adapted to the training methods used. It isn't just one area of athleticism that has improved, it's everything; speed, strength, explosiveness, agility etc. With the attention to detail and the continual adjustment of the program, I can honestly say that Jake has yet to plateau. I have never recommended any business or company as strongly as I do WannaGetFast. Dan Fichter and his staff are the best PERIOD!

Tom Zembiec (WGF Parent) 
Rochester N.Y. - Father of 2016 Penn State Quarterback Commit Jake Zembiec

My time at WGF has improved my game very much by making me much stronger and faster. The trainers help push me harder to get better. WannaGetFast has made working out challenging but fun along the way, I am always excited to come to WGF because it has made me a better lacrosse player and athlete overall. As a result, my goal to play lacrosse in college seems much easier to reach with the help of WannaGetFast.

Ellie Burns (WGF Athlete) 
Brighton, NY - Girls Lacrosse

From the first time I walked into WannaGetFast I knew it was a place that would get me where I need to be. For 4 years now I have enjoyed spending all of my mornings in the offseason at the facility preparing my body for the upcoming baseball season and having a good time doing it. It takes only a few sessions after the season to feel like I'm back in the best shape of my life and continues to get better every day. I wouldn't trust anyone else to get me in better shape than Dan and the guys at WannaGetFast and I would not want to spend my time training at any other place.

Christopher Bostick (WGF Athlete)
Washington Nationals Infielder

My time spent training at WannaGetFast here in Rochester, NY has been nothing but beneficial for me as an athlete. I am a recent graduate of Mercyhurst College where I was an All American Football Player and I wish I knew about this place before college. The staff at WannaGetFast push you to become the best athlete you could possibly be. That, combined with top notch workout programs, have made me into a better athlete than I have ever been and helped prepare me for multiple CFL and AFL tryouts. I would recommend any serious athlete looking to improve their overall performance to train here. The training programs are unique to your specific ability and needs which make it easy to take your game to the next level.

Steve Wakefield (WGF Athlete)
AFL/CFL Football Player

WannaGetFast has been an awesome experience for me and has improved my game tremendously.The trainers at WGF always push you to help you reach your greatest potential as an athlete. Since training at WannaGetFast my strength and conditioning has greatly improved and is the best place to train for an athlete by far. It's a place where I always look forward to go because I know I can go there to clear my mind and they help me focus on becoming a better soccer player. I don't know where I would be as an athlete without the team at WannaGetFast, it is the only place any serious athlete should to become the best at what they do.

Rian McMullen (WGF Athlete)
Churchville, NY - Girls Soccer

My time at WannaGetFast has extended over parts of the last 10 years and over that span I have encountered many different strength, speed and conditioning programs. From an overall standpoint, I have not found a program as unique and benficial as WannaGetFast. They have taken me in as a family and have challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally day in and day out. As all strength and conditioning programs go, you get what you put in but the coaches at WannaGetFast continually pushed me to my limit. Everyday with them is a challenge but a challenge I would never take back. They have given me all the tools I need to compete at the highest level of my sport and maximized my god given ability as a pitcher. It really is, "Preparation for Domination"

Brian Dupra (WGF Athlete)
Washington Nationals Pitcher

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