Is a training philosophy that utlizes neurology to correct imbalances in the body to help improve balance, motor control, strength, and increase your overall fitness. When dealing with the brain, improvements happen very rapidly and are often very dramitc. The system has been used on elite athletes and in a clinical setting with incredible results. Now for the FIRST TIME EVER we are letting the general public experience the proven methodology that has literally impacted thousands of athletes in the United States.

We will be teaching in group settings ( team ) as well as individual session based on appointments only. Neurology and brain-based training is a holistic way to address your overall fitness goals. Don't be like all the rest---come see how we gain muscle, lose fat, become more metaboliclly efficient and move without pain.

-Wanna Get Fast


*Free Two Day Trial

Adult Group Classes Starting  Monday November 14

Registration is Open. Call or Email to Sign up today!



3800 Monroe Avenue Door 23, Pittsford N.Y. 14534


Office- 585-485-0471


Adult Group Classes

$109 per month- UNLIMITED (attend as many classes as you can handle)

Class Times:

Mondays - *7am *9:15am *6pm - Neuro Blitz

Wednesdays- *7am *9:15am - Neuro Blitz  *6pm - Form and Function

Fridays - *7am *9:15am - Form and Function

Saturdays- *9:15am - Neruo Blitz 


                                                               1.  Neuro-Blitz

HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training )

Correct posture and position to increase bio-mechanical effciency

Eliminate compensation patterns, fatigue and injury in everyday life

Utilizes the correct work to rest ratios to accelerate the bodys ability to burn fat

-Maximize the quality of life


                                                              2. Form & Function

Strength traininig fundamentals

Learning the S.A.I.D principles (Specific Adaptions to Imposed Demands)

Improve metabolic rate, increase bone density and improve muscle mass

Maximize the quality of life


                                                             3. Individual Training

Individualized training plans are an essential cog to successful fitness portfolio. These programs are specifically tailored to each memerber to build on and maximize your results from the group classes.

Open Gym for Individual Training : Tuesday/Thursday 7-9 am & 6-7 pm

Individual Training/Group Training Package $209 per month

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